Design Thinking: The Oxymoron That Brings Additional Income And Preserves Creativity

Oxymorons exist in different forms in our lives. They come in figures of speech, in two materialistic things standing beside each other, and the formulation of composts or specific rules—for instance, short-long, negative income, and design thinking, respectively.

The latter is a cumulative process that consists of five main steps to raise the creativity ratio in the business. That has the objective of constructing a better user experience. Moreover, as a rational ability of the mind, thinking has a lot of intruders that can limit its expansion. However, design thinking can obtain a notion of two main ideas.

The first part of the design thinking idea has a factual overlook of selecting, choosing, implementing, and recognizing. The design objective is to fill the market and business product gaps according to the customers’ needs and interests. Design is the method of studying and fixing to enhance the strategy of thinking that is logical and “organic.’ The other part of the idea, thinking, builds on different abilities of the human creature, like empathy, and which has technical tools of empathy, like observation and interview. A better picture transforms through direct observation of the people’s interactions, behaviors, and conversations. In contrast, the interview technique opens the space to hear individuals and know from them. The two techniques are ways of the same goal to create a point of view of the audience and the business; in another world, it means data collection.

After the two steps, empathy and define, comes the crucial and experimental step, ideation. The latter is the lab for testing, encouraging, and experimenting with wild ideas and trends. The ideation step is the birth of creative and innovative projects, and it is where the path of design thinking starts to figure out its form, quality, and type. These three characteristics can formulate the first impressions of a prototype and a rough draft of the third steps.

The last step of design thinking is testing the prototype. Just like oxymorons, design thinking has multiple meanings and connotations. Like, “constructed organic” and “definitely maybe.” The other idea brings the studied notes with the undecided creations of the mind together, more like the addition of two contradictory words jointly. But just like any existing living creature, ideas have the breath to move people’s lives to the front, to a better overwhelming wave. Creativity is a compilation of approaches covering people profiles and practicing profiles of extensive exercises to figure out the gaps and intervals. The latter breaks the continuity of lives but assuredly improves the lives and what comes next! At Gnoci, we help every SME to join design thinking approaches and strategies.

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