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Small to Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the economy. Although SMEs constitute the most significant market share between other enterprise types, they still face constraints like financing. Hence, SMEs need higher innovation and better guidance, which we at Gnoci offer. Specifically, at times of fast change, we aim to manage these difficulties into tools that promote the success of the SME.

Health Care

In the coming years, surgeries during hospital hours will be processed through 5g technologies. Therefore, the latency level would be very delicate and low in order to follow the patient's case through the minimum expected level of data. Hence, technology will shape a considerable part of the health entities, where the latter will perform on a higher level. However, health staff will face tech-challenges that we at Gnoci support our clients with. Starting with the AI use to the privacy demand that a patients likes.


Finance is a constraint for the ideation processes, which need a source of funding to begin. At Gnoci, we offer financial solutions that dive into funding sources and money management skills to form prominent strategies. Nevertheless, the business as an economic unit performs under a legal system, which directs and supplies the market with the needed data and reforms. Innovation in this domain favors a significant competency that leads to higher adaptability for rapid changes. Fintech uses introduces the world to the latest technologies cooperating with financial services.


The speech of shifting to green economies is no longer far from our ears. Today, most companies want sustainable and low-cost energies to reach the new standards. Although some of the leaders in science and energy say that fuel will stay on demand but reduced to half, the other half will also be demand for sustainable energies like solar energy. At Gnoci, we help businesses diversify their energy sources, a step that directs them to a new dimension of intelligent business and cleaner environment standards.

Sustainable Construction

A sustainable building has to acquire a responsible role and prevent harm to the environment. Our promise at Gnoci is to help drive the headwinds of today's constraints into innovation. And through the arcade, we follow you to stretch your space and architecture into sustainability.


Globalization transformed the world into a tiny town interconnected through the internet and many other intermediaries, like a prefacing lifestyle. And as the world is moving fast, modern theories and titles appear based on research, experiences, and future expectations. At Gnoci, we value the importance of retooling our clients with emerging concepts and new ideas that reflect the occurring changes, like ISO regulations, JIT methodologies, and above all, the six lean sigmas, which perpetuate improving techniques for any business to analyze and control its processing.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods are goods that are highly demanded and are at a relatively low cost. This industry has three dimensions: the consuming society, the changing consumer behavior, and the marketing strategies that attach all components. Traditional marketing strategies are irrelevant, and consumer tastes are changing, stretching, and elaborating. At Gnoci, we help you become more innovative and resourceful in the sense of studying the data, the approach and building a signature that soothes your perspective.

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