Ethics By Design: More Opportunities For Individuals And More Sovereignty For the Nations

A nation’s survival depends on the foundation of a basis within distinct work domains that have the potential and aim to develop and change to bring public wellness and welfare. The main fields are political, economic, and sociological.

If we enlarge each domain, we find a realistic translation of the results of each discipline through the eyes of citizens. The economy brings to the tables of civilians more growth, the political field delivers to the streets more peace, and the sociological field brings the state of country citizenship and sovereignty. Although the three distinct domains can stretch further with their upbringing, they do not survive if the constant foundation we started with does not exist; or if it exists, it would be ill.

An ill foundation includes the formulation of partial growth or a paused evolution. In the same sense, individuals consistently look for respect for the law, civics duty, the functional role of civic society and responsibilities, and most importantly, the knowledge and awareness of citizens about the political formulation of societies.

These essential qualifications perform the basis of any nation. Yet, a crucial atmosphere that covers all these domains is ethics. And as technologies move forward and give birth to new algorithms and innovative parallel laws, the demand on ethics becomes crucial, even though some legal citizens and digital individuals are unaware of this cruciality. Ethics is like mercy, but if not performed on an efficient time scale and within an effective spot, it has no fever and effect to make a difference.

A new formula possesses ethics of a new wave; ethics by design. The notion of ethics as a crucial factor differs from its practical use in building a nation. Ethics by design is a reliable tool for the growth and development of the ethics domain itself. Like any domain, ethics has the responsibility to walk through the shift in the lives of individuals, and if the people run fast, ethics is the only basis that holds them down and can bring them up.

Floridi (2014), in his book “The Fourth Revolution,” highlights ethics as the syntax of the societies, where the other domains are the tools of communication of these syntaxes. Hence, ethics by design gives a push for the performance and behaviors of people altogether, coordinately.

Moreover, nations do not breathe if the individuals do not occupy the major human center of all interactions. And the more of these interactions and accumulations, the more the society becomes complex. The latter definition is the moral survival of ethics too. When complexities outgrow, ethics become present in the challenging times. Therefore, complexity becomes the only tool that holds multiple opportunities.

And the more chances to study, the more knowledge for the future, and when design orients ethics for the development and learning of its troubles and struggles, more identities of ethics blossom to organize citizens’ lives and others. At Gnoci, we support every SME and business with our acquired expertise of ethics by design.

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